By Lori Lansens

Read by: Caroline Toal and Mikaela Dyke

Coming June 4, 2019

Penguin Random House Canada

“‘We’ve been called many things: freaks, horrors, monsters, devils, witches, retards, wonders, marvels. To most, we’re a curiosity. In small-town Leaford, where we live and work, we’re just ‘The Girls.’”


Early August by Kate Lynch

June 12 - June 29th, 2019 @ Lighthouse Theatre

July 3 - July 14th @ Showboat Theatre

The cast of a small town theatre company is feeling the usual doldrums of a long summer season, and their performances are starting to unravel. The company’s stage manager, Teddy, expects a slight performance drop-off, but her cast is heading towards an all-out collapse. Backstage, Teddy must straighten out their messy love lives, their living situations and their looming unemployment problems, all while the play goes on around them. No matter how bad it gets, one thing is certain – the show must go on!