Cockfight Live

Cockfight tells the story of three hard-luck foster kids who have grown up to be adult rabble-rousers on the fringe of society. One brother has purchased a fighting rooster and is convinced it is the ticket to their escape from poverty. There are schemes, betrayals, secrets, and lies, as the strength of their surrogate family unit is tested in this darkly funny, physical, and gritty play.  

 Writer/Director: Kat Sandler                                                                                                                  Company: Theatre Brouhaha                                                                                                                          Venue: The Transac, Toronto                                                                                                                         Cast: Benjamin Blais, Brenhan McKibben, Jakob Ehman, Caroline Toal, David Tompa

Cockfight Live can be viewed on Bell Fibe's 'On Stage On Demand"